We are divinity in motion


As we move down the road of life, whether we see it or not, we are a reflection of perfection, the road may seem varied, bumpy, smooth, textured, calm, serene, angry, oppressive, simple, complex, easy, hard, beautiful or blissful. These are simply labels placed over perfection. These words reflect back its illusion that we are separate, when in truth we are “one” divinity in action.


BEing let go of the wheel….heart to heart Robyn


9 thoughts on “We are divinity in motion

      1. Yes it all ties together! Graeme ( my friend from Australia) sent me a picture just yesterday of the Halos around the sun solar flares as we all have been impregnated. I did a modern day walk about with this beautiful man in Australia and we stopped at a Cafe where the owner of the cafe had a Halo child. I have seen now 18 Halo children, and they have all talked to me telepathically. Every child under 2 has the capacity to keep there gifts in tack now. I am going back to “Atlantis” Australia from “Lumeria” Maui August 25th. Connecting the lost civilizations through sound and love language. Remembering in a NANO SEcond who we really are is happening in this eternal now. Seeing so much that I keep centering my core being each second to these truths. We will be meeting soon Molly, as we already are one. I LOVE YOU!I will be posting from Australia, this new language, having no clue as to all the possibilities, I am open to all and everything. Heart to heart Robyn

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